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Forgive me for being blunt, when it comes to resolving a debt with the IRS, you can get in a bloody shark tank … Or …

You can work with one of the Most Trusted Tax Professionals in Cleveland and the State of Ohio … You Decide

And even if you DON’T live in the local area (if you’ll pardon my bias), here’s why you should immediately Email or Call Me…

When it comes to Tax Resolution and settling debts with government institutions, you can’t afford to mess around – but nor can you afford to get in bed with “sales rooms” masquerading as a professional tax office. There’s simply too much at stake. And there are too many landmines along the path.

My name is Rich Rhodes. I am an Enrolled Agent and Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute, and able to represent you in front of the IRS. I have been doing so on behalf of clients (both local and national) now for years.

But what you DON’T need is to be bombarded by ruthless sales pitches and overbearing junk mail simply because your situation was picked up by some database somewhere, and you were targeted as a “hot lead”. Yes, this is how these operations can afford to advertise on national television and radio. They have a sales system, and they work it. Very hard.

Here’s the dirty secret of the national tax debt resolution industry: Almost all of your contact will be with a commissioned sales person. A closer. And their mission is to close YOU.

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IRS Scammers Are Targeting Vulnerable Cleveland Taxpayers

IRS Scammers Are Targeting Vulnerable Cleveland Taxpayers

You probably already know this.If you've ever faced the pain of climbing out of the hole of an IRS debt, then you also realize that you get on all of the databases for debt consolidation and an abundance of over-aggressive marketing companies who want to take...

11 Wealthy Habits You Should Pay Attention To by Rich Rhodes

11 Wealthy Habits You Should Pay Attention To by Rich Rhodes

Maybe it's true that having $1m+ these days isn't as impressive as it used to be. But it's still a measure that we continue to use as a marker of financial "arriving".What's further interesting is that even in the midst of ongoing economic gyrations, the numbers of...

Rich Rhodes’ Keys For Negotiating With The IRS

Rich Rhodes’ Keys For Negotiating With The IRS

The dog days of summer are here, and things are definitely heating up. :)In particular, our phone lines.Now that the dust has settled since the main personal deadline, IRS notices have been trickling out, and we've had an uptick in people who need assistance digging...

"Mr. Rhodes takes the pain out of tax season. Very thorough and knowledgeable about the current tax laws. I've trusted him with my complicated filings for years and he has never let me down" - Michelle M

Thorough & Knowledgeable

Robert M.

"Rich has been doing my taxes for about the past 13 years now. Won't go anywhere else. He is honest, trustworthy and price is good. Thanks for the great service each and every year!" - Lew P.

Honest & Trustworthy

Jane W.